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Rental Policies

Rental Policies

Reservation Information & Cancellation Policy

A fee equal to 25% of the total rent will be charged in case of cancellation, transfer or change of reservation. If reservation is not cancelled prior to 4 weeks before check-in date, full deposit will be forfeited. WRITTEN NOTICE REQUIRED FOR CANCELLATION. Also cancellation or early departure due to inclement weather does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit. If a Mandatory Evacuation order is given, refunds will only be given by your Travel Protection policy/agent, but you must have purchased coverage before the storm was identified and/or named. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO PURCHASE COVERAGE, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. If tenant has not checked in by 10 a.m. of the following day (without prior notice) home may be re-rented and loss of full deposit will result. Check-In time is 4 p.m. Check-out time is 10 a.m. ANYONE STAYING PAST 10 A.M. WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE EXTRA DAY!! There is a $20 charge for keys not left in the home at departure and a $30 fee for all lockouts. We are not responsible for any damage done to vehicles or personal property. All prices reflect (8,10,12) persons or less. Any more people will cost as website states. It will be considered a breach of contract if extra, unpaid for guests are found on the property. Immediate eviction can be expected of total group and loss of all rent and damage deposit. A damage deposit of $400-$1000 is required. If no damages are incurred and HOME IS LEFT IN THE ORDER IT WAS FOUND & there have been no other violations of rental policy then deposit will be mailed back the following Wednesday after check-out. NOTE: If expenses are incurred to repair damages, replace missing items, pay for extra cleaning or any other violation of rental policy as a result of your stay, we reserve the right to apply the damage deposit to offset expenses. If any mattresses have been “wet”, loss of full damage deposit will result. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ON OR IN PROPERTY AT ANY TIME!! ALSO NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED IN HOME!! If pets or smoking is realized, loss of full deposit will be the result. PRIVATE POOL TO BE USED BY REGISTERED GUESTS ONLY! Sheets and towels are provided, however we ask that you bring your own BEACH towels. Soaps, toilet paper and trash liners are provided upon arrival only. Trash bins must be pulled to the curb on trash days and brought back no later than evening of same day. Owner is, by Florida law, allowed to enter home at any time if he/she suspects any actions that might breach this contract. Owner may also enter home to check A/C filters and for any other reason necessary to maintain, security and comfort of tenant. If property is for sale, renter must cooperate with the owner or realtor to arrange convenient times to show said property. WE SUGGEST THAT ALL MEMBERS OF GROUP RENTING & STAYING IN THE HOME READ THIS RESERVATION INFORMATION SHEET SO ALL DO INDEED UNDERSTAND THE RULES OF THIS POLICY. Call us when you get near or in Destin and we will drive over to meet you with the keys. No check-ins before 4 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made. Balance of rent, tax and damage deposit must be paid 30 days prior to check-in day. If balance has not been paid before the 30 day period then reservation will be considered cancelled, home will be re-rented and all prior monies paid will be forfeited. EXCHANGE OF MONEY AUTOMATICALLY CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH HEREIN. CORDIALLY, Trevor & Sarah Ladner (OWNER/MANAGER)


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