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2237 Scenic Gulf Drive, Destin, FL (850) 837-2224 MAP Pompano Joes is one of our favorites. The location of this beach side gold mine has captivated visitors of Destin and locals alike for years. In fact, I’m pretty sure if they stopped selling great food and drink altogether and just rented out a places to sit, they’d still stay in business. Yes, the atmosphere is THAT good! With breathtaking views of the Gulf and the gentle sea breeze blowing through the open air environment, it just doesnt seem fair to all the other nice restaurants in town. IMG_4506IMG_4548The Travel Channel recently feature Pompano Joe’s as one of the World’s Best beach side restaurants….World’s Best!! If that’s not a reason to head there for a meal while you’re on vacation I don’t know what is. The thing is is that you won’t be the only one who knows about this. So, if your planning to stroll in at dinner time during peak summer, plan on there being a line! We have found that, if you want to enjoy this place yet beat the crowds, it’s best to eat here earlier than you normally would. IMG_4514We were fortunate enough to meet up with Sarah’s parents on this fine occasion. My Mother-In-Law ordered this refreshing Strawberry Daiquery. Thanks Mom, for being our lovely hand model :). The idea here is for you to picture yourself gazing out into that beautiful emerald water sipping on what ever yummy thing you fancy. Random Fact: Sitting in this sea level spot you will be breathing in the highest concentration of oxygen on planet earth. Very healthy! IMG_4539Lunch is served! By the way our service was impeckable. I wish I caught this gentleman’s name so that you could request his section. He was super nice, super friendly and seemed like the kind of guy you want to call your friend. Lol….really, I’m serious. Sarah ordered the fish taco’s. It’s one of their signiture dishes and it’s obvious why. It tastes even better than it looks and I must say, “That’s some pretty fine looking fare there”. My wife is never one to finish her plate and she ate the whole thing. It must be good! IMG_4545 I ordered the blackened grouper sandwich. It was delicious! Portion sizes are great for the money and we all walked away with full tummies! There may even be a few fries left over to send with the kids down to the beach to feed the seaguls. Few things bring as much excitement to a child as a large flock of birds scavanging for a morcel. Me, I’m old enough to have seen that movie when I was young. BIRDS! IMG_4543IMG_4502Looking back on the whole experience I remember Pompano Joe’s as a place of joy. Of course it didn’t hurt that my Father-in-Law picked up the tab! Thanks Dad! Many times when folk’s are staying at our beach houses here in Destin they’ll ask, “Where is a good place to get some seafood here?” In 10 years I have always suggested Pompano Joe’s as one of the top choices. I hope you like it as much as we do!


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