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La Familia Rear EntranceLa Famiglia

300 Harbor Boulevard, Destin, FL 32550 Phone:(850) 424-5795
Destin Harbor ViewNow, being married to an Italian girl, I am no stranger to good authentic Italian food. The thing is… is that really good Italian food in Florida was not something that we encountered…. ever. That is until we visited La Famiglia. Every part of our experience at this restaurant was superb. The food is ridiculously good and all so rich and mmmm mmm tasty! Ok I’m getting ahead of myself πŸ™‚ As we walked up to back entrance of the place I couldn’t help but snap a shot of this sunset that was blessing our backsides and bidding up Buon Appetito!
Destin Vacation Rentals La FamiliaThe atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm and inviting. I’m not sure why but I just picture a huge Italian family sitting around the diner table laughing, eating and possibly playing a few rounds of Scopa!
Elegant Destin Beach HouseWhat’s a diner out at a classy Italian Restaurant without a nice glass of red wine? The house wine was just $2 a glass… not bad.
Wonderful Selection of WineOf course, if you have your tastes set a little higher than the house, they have an excellent selection of wine as well as authentic italian mixed drinks. Dry Martini anyone?
Delicious AppetizerShortly after we were seated we were presented with this very attractive appetizer. I’m certain anyone with small children can really appreciate some quick food to keep ’em busy while you wait. It is truly hard not to fill up on bread when it’s as good as this!
Our Tall and Beautiful WaitressOk, I’m serious when I say that either our waitress was absolutely brilliant or La Famiglia sends their staff to some kind of intensive menu training seminar. There must have been 15 specials that she rattled off so confidently including ingredients, preperation and everything in between. She was impressive! Her name is Kati and she normally works at the New La Famiglia location at the Destin Harbor. We may just have to review that one as well. Thanks for the great service! πŸ™‚
Beach House SaladA salad is just a salad right? Wrong. They have created their own special Italian dressing that was both different and delightfully delicious at the same time.
Destin FL Restaurant ReviewThe Ossobuco was outrageous! So tender and delicous it melts in your mouth. No knife required. Before this experience, the question had never entered my mind, “Can a person drink meat through a straw?” Anyways, I didn’t really capture the magnitude of this meal. It was enough to feed 2 people for sure. Though I was happy with my meal, I will be ordering this next time.
Rosemary Chicken Destin La FamiliaWhich brings me to my meal, the Rosemarry Chicken. Again, I’m a guy who avoids dairy so this meal was perfect! The chicken was tender and the roasted potato wedges were the perfect compliment. I’m still going for the Ossobuco next time ;).
Lobster Ravioli FL HolidaySarah ordered the Lobster Ravioli. I didn’t try it but she said it was super rich. The great thing about this meal is (back up to the bread photo) after you finish the Ravioli’s you get to sop up all that rich sause with some homemade crusty Italian bread. Ok I’m going to the fridge for a snack right now!
Destin_Florida_Italian_glass_designWhile vacationing in Destin Florida you’re no doubt going to find yourself looking for an excellent restaurant to eat at! When it’s time to come off the white sand beach and you find yourself with a hankering for high end italian, La Famiglia is a great choice!


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