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Destin BeachCam

Click On The Controls on Lower Right to Activate Camera Remote Control…. Have Fun!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the picture fuzzy/blurry?This camera is located by the ocean and points out toward the water.  Because of this, it is subject to a number of conditions that affect the quality of the picture.  Most common is blurriness caused by rainy weather and sea breeze.  Rain or dew mixed with blowing sand makes it very difficult to maintain an absolutely perfect picture 365 days a year.  So please don’t send me emails about it, we watch it everyday ourselves.  Do send me an email if you have a prospective advertiser!Why is the picture dark in the afternoon?Rule #1 in photography is to NOT take pictures in the direction of the Sun.  In the afternoons, the Sun reflects off the water in a direct ninety degree angle in the direction of the camera.  The camera has a special lens (auto-iris) that reduces the aperture so that the Sun does not damage the camera’s photocell.  Or, it could just be cloudy and overcast, and we basically have no control over that. Where is the camera? – Because the camera has been tampered with in the past, we do not provide the specific location.  It’s on the beach, in Destin, Florida! Hey, who moved the camera? – The camera is pointed in the general direction of Southeast or Southwest.  If for any reason the camera is NOT pointed in this direction, you can conclude that someone thought it’d be cool to move it for their own benefit. Like the site, what can I do to help? – Traffic is the most important metric for a site like this.  Tell all your web enabled friends and relatives about the site. Thank’s to DestinCam.com! Many Thank’s to Destincam.com for their fantastic ideas and efforts to bring to the web a view of one of the worlds finnest beaches…. Destin, Florida! With this Beach Camera you view what the waves look like before you head down to the beach or just imagine yourself there no matter where you are in the world! Enjoy!

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