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Welcome to the Big Beach House Guest Book

Hey everyone! Sarah and I place a guestbook in every one of our homes and encourage folks to leave their comments and suggestions for us. Our goal is to make each home the most comfortable place to vacation and for guests to see just what others have experienced at our beach houses. Thanks to all for staying with us and for the great feedback! – Trevor


March 26-April 2, 2016 This was our second time staying here at the Big Beach House and just like the last time, it was absolutely perfect! We love being able to stay by the pool and the beach was a bit too windy. And when it wasn’t, the beach was so close. Plus with the golf cart  it was only minutes down to the ocean. We had two families of four and having so many bedrooms and bathrooms was God send considering six of the eight of us were ladies 🙂 Baytown wharf is a must when we are here and eating at hammerhead is too! So fun to walk around and such great food and atmosphere. Every time we have visited we create such lasting memories and met new friends. We can always count on Destin in the Big Beach House for an amazing vacation. Much love from Wisconsin the Schubrings 4-9-16 We had such an amazing time in the Big Beach House. Thank you for a wonderful vacation! The Grashoffs Fort Wayne Indiana May 4, 2016 Today is Adrian‘s fifth birthday! We had big fun at the arcade, the beach, and then the pool! This Beachhouse, as well as the family that owns it, are the very best. Aloha, Donny, Rick, Randy, Ryan, Jason, Rachel, wild Wes, Casey, nicole, coconut, Ben, and Lucas June 4, 2016 Our third year here and it gets better each time. Hope to be back next year. The Plut family June 10, 2016 We had an amazing week staying at the Big Beach House. We enjoyed the private pool, golf cart and being so close to the beach. Enjoy the harbor and restaurants and souvenir shopping. Beautiful and accommodating house. Will definitely come back to the Big Beach House. Love Destin! The Kemper family St. Louis Missouri July 2, 2016 What a great week! The house is equipped beautifully for a whole family vacation. The kitchen is phenomenal; so will start with every nonfood item we could have needed. 14 people not in each other‘s way: mom and dad, four grown kids with spouses and kids and only the toddler underfoot. Beautiful house, beautiful beach, great vacation! So much fun. The Rozebooms July 9, 2016 wow. What a great week at the Big Beach House! We stayed in many houses in Destin, and this is one of our favorites! The house has everything we could have possibly needed and more! Trevor and Sara were very helpful, and oh so friendly! Thank you for your hospitality. Can’t wait to return again in the near future! The Mattingly‘s from Kentucky. PS. The pool boy is adorable! 🙂 July 16-23 We had an amazing time here! But we didn’t get to see the pool boy 🙁 the pool was great fun for the kids. We love how the beach was close by two! You must get ice cream from Brewster‘s yummy! Go cyclones thank you August 6, 2016 We had an amazing time at the Big Beach House. The pool was so refreshing in the short walk to the beach with awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us! The McGaharan family August 6 through the 13th 2016 Thanks for renting out your home. Our second time renting from you. Had a five bedroom house two years ago. Eight kids under 12. It was a busy house! They really enjoyed the pool. We did something different this time and rented a two-story pontoon with slides for four hours. That was really a lot of fun. Our weather went downhill as the week went on. Lots and lots of rain. Still snuck in some pool time. Took the kids to see the alligators at five Packers! The Fullenkamps from Ohio October 8, 2016 Another awesome week here in Destin at the Big Beach House. This is our fourth year staying here and each year we always say it doesn’t get any better but it does! We love this house and our family always has so much fun staying here. It’s location to the beach, places to eat and shopping is perfect! The weather this week was perfect!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us once again. Hope to be back next October! And as always go big blue! We hate to leave but it’s time to get back to Kentucky for basketball season! Cats, cats, cats, cats! The akes and Blandford  families October 9-15th 2016 We love the house! We love how close the beach was to the house, and a heated pool and sunroom. Oh, we loved to stay here and hope to come back.-The three families October 26 Thanks so much for the great place to stay. We had a great time and hope to come back next year. May God bless you all. Michael Johnson and Pleasant Valley holiness church 12-25-31 2016 We had a great time in Destin with our family. We were close to the beach, we saw the sunset, we swim in the pool, and on the last day we had ice cream for breakfast. Thank you. the Cost family


March 14–21 Thank you so much! You have a beautiful house and we had such a great time! The golf cart was such an addition to our week. Love the beach!! 🙂 Thank you so much. Y’all rock! March 28, 2015 Have a great time as always staying with you. Thanks for everything. Droeges, Normans, Burches ❤️❤️❤️❤️  Spring break 2015 April 4–11 Thanks so much… We love the Big Beach House! Especially pool/lounge area. The kids had a blast! 🙂 Golf cart was great too. You guys have a lot of great amenities that made our stay smoother. The Hamms ( Nick, Jessica, Dylan, Daphne and Dominic ) The Leppings ( PJ, Rachel, Riley, Sophia) The Hillerichs ( Steve, Shanna, Hannah, Layla) The Bischoffs ( Stephen, Elish, Lily, Harper) Had such a great time! Beautiful and comfortable couldn’t ask for anything more.  Who was perfect for the kids so much room! Access to the shops and Beach made a perfect day. In the golf cart was a plus, especially carting kids and stuff to the beach. Thanks again for a great time. Houma Louisiana and Saratoga New York May 9 –16, 2015 Thank you for sharing your home. A great place to relax, enjoy friends, or take in everything in offers. Darn, I missed the pool boy! Great home, great time! The Houston’s, Georgia May 9 –16, 2015 Had a wonderful vacation! The Milners  Oak Mountain Georgia All amenities catered for in this very comfortable home. We wanted for nothing and thank you for a great stay in Seaside Destin. Best wishes Kris and Debbie May 9-16 2015 Thank you for sharing your home had a great vacation Leslie Brown Waverley half Georgia Everything we needed for a great time is here. Had a super Duper week. Collin and Babs Hallam Phoenix city Alabama We love the Big Beach House. It was just perfect, look forward to coming back into thousand 16. David and Jane Bacle Columbus Georgia June 12, 2015 We had a wonderful beach vacation at the Big Beach House! Thank you so much. Hrst family Oklahoma July 11-18, 2015 Thank you for sharing your beautiful home in Destin. Our family reunion was great as we have plenty of room for all the amenities for all ages. We hope to return an experience Destin in the Big Beach House again. God bless you!!! San Antonio, Texas July 18 – July 25, 2015 We had a blast staying here this week! It went by way too quickly. We love the pool! We were probably in it for half this week! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing place with us. The screened in porch was a great touch, especially for playing cards! We had so much fun! – The Kisers  go blue Devils July 25-August 1, 2015 This was our first all family vacation and we had such a great time. We will definitely be doing it again. Your Beachhouse was perfect for our family and 14. So comfortable and home like. The pool was a favorite with our seven year old grandson in the golf cart a favorite with the grand girls it was easy to get to the beach and other places. The best time was late night around the pool. Thanks for a great VRBO. The lEnts family  overland Park Kansas and Denver Colorado August 15-22, 2015 our first family vacation with three daughters, one husband, one soon to be husband, a 12-year-old grandson, his body, and our 18-month-old grandson. We all had a great time in the house, around the pool, and at the beautiful beach. Two of our daughters announced that they were pregnant so that really made our vacation special. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.  The Brosius Family  flower mound Texas October 4-October 10 We enjoyed the beautiful pool boy as always. Go cats! Top! We had a wonderful time, everybody came out but and Abby and despite that and the rain it was fun. Mawmaw  enjoyed the pool boy, as usual, but he wouldn’t take his shirt off. Thank you for sharing your beautiful house and we hope to be back next year. Go big blue! We had another wonderful week here! We love Destin and this house. Our family made new memories. The only thing I would change is-we could stay longer! Hope to be here next October! The Blandford’s We had another wonderful week here at the house and in Destin. The weather was perfect this week. We made some more family memories. Heated pool was awesome this week. Hopefully we will be back next October. This house in dancing are my favorite. The pool boy was beautiful. Always remember go big blue! Tops. Go cats. Mary Claire and Terry and Joe loved the house in Pool . 10-16-2015 Wonderful family vacation. Love the pool, porch and weather. No reason not to return again! The cubbies!      


3/22/2013 We are so sad to leave today as we have had so much fun this past week. Although the weather wasn’t always suitable for the beach, the pool was our saving grace! The kids wew constantly swimming in the heated pool, and so were the adults! We will never stay at a house without a pool in the future. This house was so perfect for us, a huge group and we got to have a wonderful getaway from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thanks for a great time! March 29, 2013 This week has gone by way too quickly. This spring break wouldn’t have been the same without this house. weather was perfect but when it got windy ath the beach the pool was the perfect get away. We loved having our own king beds & bathrooms. Being 4 teenage girls, this is always a good thing. Being so close to the beach was a great escape from our home in central Wisconsin. Our 2 families spring break together every year & this year was one of the very best. Thanks so much for making this trip so memorable. From: The Teenage Girls April 5, 2013 We blinked and the week was over. The Big Beach House accomodated our 3 families easily. Having all the bedrooms and bathrooms was awesome. While staying here we learned the following: 1. Destin has the best sand ever. 2. Having a pool is the saving grace when it gets windy at the beach. 3. Teenagers have weird sleep schedules. 4. Trying to catch a gecko is very difficult. 5.Hunting for crabs is harder than it sounds. 6. Pontoon boats and the sun = FUN! 7. If your biggest decision of the day is what bathing suit to wear, you know life is good. 8. Laughing so hard your belly hurts, is the best kind of laughing. 9. Saying, “alright” is funny 10. Realizing that no matter what looms ahead, enjoy today. Mix good cheer with friends and be thankful for all the blessings you have. ROLLTIDE! -3 families from Mitten. May 11, 2013 We loved our week at the Big Beach House.We would love to stay here again; we’re already looking forward to next year! Here are just some of the great features of the Big Beach House: * The heated pool! There were a couple of cold days + the heated pool allowed us to continue having big fun. * The especially well stocked kitchen. With 5 little children, eating in was our best option. It was easy to make great meals here. * Proximity to the beach! An easy-peasy few steps and your there. * The house is furnished beautifully + comfortably. * Every bedroom has an attached bathroom. It was easy for everyone to be on their own sleep/nap schedule. * Taking naps in the hammock. * The kids loved a TV in every room. It was a fabulous vacation for our extended families from Indianappolis, San Francisco, + Utah! May 25, 2013 What a fantastic place. Our 1st time to Destin and this house. It was the perfect place for our family vacation. Don’t want to leave. The bedrooms and everyone having their own bathroom was great. Many fun times at the pool and of course the beach. Everyone agrees better than Hilton Head. Having the golf cart was so nice, going back + forth. We are already making plans for next year. The inside of the house was so pretty, and it had everything you needed. Best vacation with my kids + grandkids. The Plut Family June 1st We had a great week in the Big beach House! The house is fabulous! Everyone having a bathroom is so nice. The golf cart was such a fun luxury. Lots and lots of memiories made. The Youth Leaders of Grace Life Fellowship of Baton Rouge, LA June 8, 2013 The Big Beach House was perfect! It fit our needs and everyone had their own space and bathrooms. The pool helped tremendously with the three little girls and multiple red flag days. We were the perfect distance from the beach and the golf cart helped get us where we needed to go. We would kindly recommend doing the following: *Crab hunting at night *dinner at Baytowne Warf *parasailing @ Boogies *the Bucccaneer Pirate Cruise *relaxing by the pool and on the beach *rum mixed with almost anything! Thanks – The Farfsing, Robbins + Wilson Families June 28, 2013 Dear Trevor + Sarah, You folks have really out-done yourself this time; the Big Beach House is a slice of heaven. I have to admit that a golf trip in March with 4 other adult couples is a far different vacation from this week with our families. We made some priceless memories that will not be forgotten. We traveled from Illinois with our teenagers and celebrated their 14th birthday here. We shared the house with our good friends and their grown children. It was a great week that I would repeat in a heartbeat! As usual, the backyard was party central. The pool is such a gem and I love the hammock. Rides on the golf cart are a hot commodity. With our large group we would have appreciated a 6 seater or a 2nd cart…maybe next time:-). We spent most days pool side and at the beach but also enjoyed lunch at Fudpuckers. The food was really good and service awesome! The alligator shows are on the even hour and they get really busy after the show. We golfed at Indian Bayou, Emerald Bay + Seascape. The best rates are on Golf Now. Indian Bayou is our top choice I think. If you have a chance, book a catamaran on the Cattywampus. This was the highlight of my kids trip. The netted bottom boat was hit. We also snorkled, saw dolphins and had a lot of boat fun with hula hoops, water balloon fights and water gun wars. The staff truly makes the trip a blast. Word to the wise, repeat sunscreen often. Oh, they only allow lotion, the spray makes the deck slippery. We ran out of time but will consider renting a boat and doing crab island next time. Thanks again Trevor + Sarah, you continue to impress; no wonder we refuse to rent from anyone else! The Droeges and the Sackmanns 7-6 thru 7/13/13 Dear Trevor + Sarah, What can we say but “WOW”!! What a beautiful house where we gathered our entire family for our first vacation together!! The house was perfect for all of our wants + needs – beautifully decorated, fully equipped with everything necessary – we arrived and settled right in! We echo the sentiments of everyone who has written in here before us. It couldn’t have been better! Because of the perfect house as a “home base”, we were able to go to the beach, swim in your beautiful pool and enjoy all of the surrounding area. Most importantly, outstanding family memories were created, both by camera, memory, and emotion, which we will talk about and reminisce about for the rest of our lives! We wish you all the best and hope to returnto the Big Beach House soon! Be Always Well, The Cobler, Burfield, Allen and James Families (when we saw this house online, we all said “Book It” and created T-Shirts that said that! 🙂 8/3/13 Great week in your wonderful house. Family from Dallas, Morgan City, Clovis N.M., + Tulsa, OK Fun for everyone. Pool, Golf Cart, Beach + teen age activities. Thanks so much Cassie Scarbrough 8-3 thru 8-10-13 Dear Sarah and Trevor, What a beautiful house you have built to share with strangers from all over the U.S. You thoughtfully furnished the house with livable furniture and every necessity a family, or families and friends would need to live comfortably for an extended stay. My two daughters and their families had a wonderful time together this week. We thoroughly enjoyed the close proximity to the beach AND the golf cart to transport our many beach items. We also enjoyed swimming in the pool after returning from the beach. Some of our family – husbands and teenagers – went deep sea fishing and caught loads of fish, which A.J.’s restaurant cooked for us. Otherwise we cooked on your grill several mornings and most evenings. Our grandchildren (13,14,16) loved having their own bedroom and could visit one another and go back to their bedrooms! The memories we have made this week will stay with all of us for many years. Thank you for providing a beautiful place to spend time together and for our grandchildren to create memories of time spent with their parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents! Especially for this we are extremely grateful. We look forward to spending another vacation in “The Big Beach House.” Joe + Beverly Giacone Hailey, Ashleigh, Michele, Nathan, Alanne August 10th – 17th 2013 Our family of 10 came down to celebrate our parents 40th anniversary. We all had a blast and enjoyed the house very much. There isn’t a thing we would change about the place…..it is Beautiful. This was everyone’s 1st time to Destin, and we would come back in a heart beat. The pool was the biggest hit with the kids (4,6,10). The weather was fantastic and we did many fun things, from….shopping, “The Track”, arcade, boating, rock climbing, and fighting pirates. Thank you! The Ruehls, Kellers & Bayer’s from Cincinnati Ohio Go Reds & Bengals August 17 – 24 2013 Our family of 7 enjoyed the house very much. Although the weather at times wasn’t the best. We love the beach and many other things we could do. Loved going to the boardwalk and the “Dolphin Cruise”. We saw many dolphins. We very much enjoyed the pool. This was the first time some of us have been to Destin and the second time for others. A very nice place to visit. The Roberge’s The Fagios, + Barks + Justice from West Virgina + Tennessee September 7th – 14th 2013 Our group of 11 realy enjoyed this house. It was a great place to relax after trips to the beach, zoo, and fishing. My six and four – year- olds learned how to swim in this pool. My family made some great memories here and we will definitely be making multiple trips to Destin in the future! The Paines The Buckholts Clan ~Oregon ~Tennessee~ Go Sea Hawks Go Titans September 14~21, 2013! What an amazing week spent here in Destin & in this gorgeous home:-) We all had an amazing time by the gorgeous ocean & at the wonderful pool. This home is warm, welcoming, & cozy. We’ll definitely be back!! The memories made here are some of the best yet. Thank you!! 🙂 The Rameys The Bowers The Franks The Koenigs & The Vilardos 9/28/2013 We had a wonderful week here at the Big Beach House! Our families (4 adults and 6 kids) loved the pool! We had more than enough room and really enjoyed the 2 family rooms. We hope to return for another vacation here again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us! The Ludwigs (Georgia) and The Hurshs (Indiana) 10/5/2013 We had a great week here with our 2 married children and our 7 month old grandson. Your home is very cozy, we loved the decor. We enjoyed the pool, short walk to the beach and the golf cart was a great bonus. Sarah and Trevor responded quickly to our needs. It was great having the crib and high chair. We loved the Destin area for eating and shopping too! We have made some great memories. We hope we can come back here soon. The Jeffras, Cohens + Frosts, Fishers, Indiana 10/12/13 Our week here at the Big Beach House has been absolutely fabulous! The house itself is so large and spacious that it comfortably held to 12 people (even though we had more who were supposed to accompany us!). And it is absolutely gorgeous! The rooms and all the furnishings were exceptional and it was so nice to have all the towels and cooking utensils supply for us. The heated pool is amazing,  definitely perfect to come home to after a long day at the beach. The house is location to the beach is more than perfect and the golf cart was great if you didn’t feel like walking to any of the cool attractions nearby. All in all, this house is perfect! We are all definitely sad to leave, but are already eagerly anticipating our stay next year. Thanks for everything, we’ve been coming to stay in Destin often on for the past 13 years and we’ve never left a place as much as we love the Big Beach House! PS.go big blue!! Lindsay,  Olivia This is definitely the best place we’ve ever stayed! The Big Beach House was awesome for the big blue crew go cats! Tonya and Erik Blandford Thank you so much for this lovely house. I want to come back! Go big blue! Love Sarah, catfish, Christy and Mary Claire best vacation ever! Mawmaw andPawpaw keep the beautiful pool boy! – Maggie The Big Beach House was great but the beautiful pool boy was an awesome bonus please make him come twice a week and call before coming so everyone in the house can see his gorgeous presents! – Lindsay Asterix please come to Kentucky and clean our pool :-)! 10 – 19 – 13 Our week here at the Big Beach House was great! The house was beautiful and we love the pool is well! We have stayed in many details is in Destin but this was the best! Thank you Sarah and Trevor for making sure we had one of the best vacation ever! The hoppers, the Bowkers, the Bynes, J. barefoot S.Collins Tennessee 10/19/13 Dash 10/26/13 #friendsofdestin We had a great time! Thanks!   11/23/13 Petrie 70th celebration After many family emails and too many white lies to count… Family and friends from Birmingham, Burbank, Tupelo and desert hot springs pulled off the best birthday surprise ever.  Not once did this “lil” Pop  see it coming! For generations of family celebrated the special Thanksgiving week together!  The teens love the fact that they could stay up late, eat junk food and play video games upstairs in the den. All the kids became fish in the heated pool. As for the adults, they have plenty of good food, laughter and love their private rooms and baths. Card games Nanny (94) years up until 1 AM and the  hardest puzzle in the world took all week to finish! The BB eight was the perfect location for this fabulous family celebration! ❤️  The Petrea family the Doris family the Wiley family   We had a great time love this house visit www.smilingwatermelon.com for details and photos of our visit the Sacks, Weinstein’s  


3-8-14 We totally enjoyed our stay here and the house is beautiful! Thank you! The Duis’ 3/15/2014 Thank you, so much for entrusting us with this house. I really enjoyed my stay, the warm pool! 🙂 Thank you 🙂 3/16/14 Thank you for your beautiful house. Everything was wonderful. It made our stay enjoyable! God is so great may he continue to bless you! Thanks again, Betty P. Such a wonderful house thank you. I really appreciate everything. Big Beach House see you next year 4/4/14 What a beautiful beach house! Pool felt great, nicely decorated, gorgeous weather and nice beach access. Golf cart was a nice perk. Thank you for your hospitality! We really enjoyed our spring break. Thanks again, The yuskewich’s I love this house. It was a great swimming pool. It was fun love Emma Spring break 2014 This was our second time staying in the Big Beach House. We love it!! Thank you for the beautiful space that helped us make wonderful family memories! ❤️  The Finnestads and the Harpers from Michigan April 2014 We all had a great time, as usual great house, great Pool, and Beach all make for a great family trip. Thanks again aloha, Donna, Rick, Randy, Jason, Rachel, Wesley, Casey, nicole, Adrian and Ben May 3–10, 2014 The Big Beach House exceeded our expectations! The heated pool was great! The golf cart rocked! It was nice to be able to walk to the beach. We had a great week with great weather in amazing friends! We can’t wait to come back the barriers, Johnsons, Ullery‘s, Keith,Wehners from Indiana and Ohio May 24-May 31 We love this house and had the best week! The pool, the golf cart, Hamic and our favorite… The screen porch was the perfect fit for a vacation with mama and papa, brothers and wives and two little girls! 🙂 Thank you for the perfect family getaway the Dickersons St. Louis Missouri May 31-June 7 The Plut  Family had a great time again. Hope to be back soon. Awesome house. Mary Ellen June 7, 2014-June 14, 2014 Thank you so much for a wonderful week. Our families had an amazing time both in and outside the home. We will never look to stay in another home in Destin again. Best, the Washburns, David’s, Schultz and Jarauta’s! June 28-July 4 An awesome week!! Our family from New York, Kentucky and Texas had a wonderful time. We celebrated our parents 60th anniversary. We were aged one-83. Best beach house ever! The “go cart“ ride what’s the best entertainment. We spend our days at the beach and the great Pool! The Shermans the centers the foxes the davenports the Stevens the Cutrells July 12-19, 2014 Not much time to write-but we love your Big Beach House-it fit our family so well-inside and out! The backyard pool space was great and the golf cart was a lifesaver. Morse and Kunkels Louisville Kentucky Lowe’s in Worthingtons Bowling Green Kentucky July 19-26 Our family has had a great week in Destin! Your “Big Beach House“ was perfect for us. The grandkids loved the bunkbed room and all the adults loved their king size bed y’all thought of everything to make our state perfect! Montgomery Texas July 26-August 2, 2014 We had a great time in Destin. We love the house and pool and made many memories.   August 2 – August 9, 2014 We had an amazing week full of fun and relaxation at the pool! Family is from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Florida and north Florida all meet  up every year for family vacation. There was plenty of room for everyone. The kitchen was very well-stocked and we didn’t need any of our extras we brought… Just in case. Labeling the lights was a great idea!! Thanks! Light having lots of towels-not having to wash towels every day August 30-September 6, 2014 We can’t thank you enough for a beautiful week at “the Big Beach House.“ Everything was perfect, from the awesome communication with Sarah to the beautiful house! It felt just like home to us and we can’t wait to come back. It was also so nice to have everything we need it right at our fingertips! Y’all are awesome! PS.we love the golf cart! The Pilato  and Cutlip families Atlanta Georgia go Bucks!! OCT.4-OCT.11  go Toppers! This house was amazing we had a wonderful time swimming, and making more memories!! Asterix P.S.keep the pool boy! Asterix as well as the Sandollar ferry was the best, go big blue love, Sarah  ❤️  The Big Beach House was fabulous. We had an amazing time here like the swimming pool and the beach. We wished we had a Nother week here because it is so fun! We loved the pool boy in the Sandollar ferry. Always remember go big blue! Olivia-the house it fun. Another great year at the beach! The Beachhouse, the weather, the pool-everything was perfect!! Sad to be leaving! Cannot wait to come back next fall!! Go big blue plus go tops!!! Tonya said  it all. God willing we will be back next year Bobby and Debbie Rakes Dec 26 2014-Jan to 2015 Greathouse so many memories! Pool boy has turned into a man not so hot LOL beach was great love the golf cart! Great place for a huge family! The Laney’s  Arlington Texas hot spring Arkansas Elkhart Indiana Buffalo New York    


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